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Ako Takamori at the Ariana Museum

Typical, everyday portraits! And yet…full of human compassion. In Geneva, the famous contemporary sculptor, Ako Takamori, allows us to have a look at his most fascinating creations: sandstone figures straight out of his Japanese childhood. The Eastwest Hotel invites to you to discover his astonishing and spirited artwork at the Ariana Museum until October 27th!

Some are sleeping while others are crouching or standing. However, all of them have the same defining and stunning feature. They all look alive. Ako Takamori’s sandstone figures tell us about simple and real lives in Japan long ago.
Travel through art and history. Naturally, it is at the Ariana Museum where you will discover this fascinating exhibition and get an arty glimpse at the globetrotter motif that inspired your boutique-hotel. Just a step away from the United Nations, this luxurious museum will also make you travel through twelve centuries of ceramic art culture!
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