Eastwest goes green


At Eastwest it is not just about making your stay comfortable, it is about doing also responsibly and preserving our planet for future generations. Join us in this incredible voyage towards a more sustainable future. Together, we can make a profound impact, one stay at a time.


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Embracing a sustainable tomorrow...

Our daily commitment to the environment


Since March 2023, Eastwest has been classified Swisstainable (level I) in the sustainability program of Swiss Tourism. Through this sustainability program that reunites businesses and organizations from the Swiss tourism field, we commit ourselves to a continuous sustainable growth and have a concrete contribution to sustainable tourism in Switzerland.

We are also engaged in the SIG éco21 programme and received support in reducing the energy consumption. After installing the LED lighting in our rooms, in August 2023 all our public spaces followed, resulting in energy savings, while respecting the environment.



Embracing a sustainable tomorrow...


Solar power

The solar panels on out rooftop heat the water that flows through every corner of our hotel up to 10 degrees then the regular heat system brings the water at the desired temperature.

While enjoying a relaxing shower or a bath, know that it's also powered by the sun's energy, making your stay not only delightful but eco-friendly too.


Green kids amenities

Treating our little guests to an incredible experience is our favorite thing to do!

With their reduced packaging impact, a 90% plant-based tube and recycled plastic cap, the environmentally friendly kids amenities are designed to inspire a love for nature and embracing sustainability.



At Eastwest we combine the luxury indulgence with an environmentally mindful experience, featuring the renowned Clarins toiletries with ecopump system that come together with our commitment to a greener future.




Sweet sustainability

All the sugar we provide for your coffee, whether in your room or at the restaurant, comes in eco-friendly packaging that is 100% biodegradable and certified as compostable according to EN 1342 standards.




Sustainable sips

Your comfort and well-being are our top priorities and that extends to every detail of your stay with our eco-conscious hydration partner, BE WTR.

You will find complimentary in-house bottled filtered water waiting for you in your room upon arrival.




Recyclable coffee capsules

Savor your coffee with a side of sustainability. Our Nespresso coffee capsules are not only rich in flavor but also environmentally responsible as we recycle all capsules, a small gesture to contribute to a greener future.



Wooden key cards

Crafted from responsibly sourced wood, each key is a symbol of our commitment to environmental consciousness, providing an elegant touch while minimizing our ecological footprint.





Discover the restaurant menus on QR codes easily accessible in your room, navigate through room details on our smart TVs and enjoy the ease of digital Geneva transport cards. Our invoices? Delivered straight to your inbox.




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