Brunch Mania in Geneva!

Yes, in Geneva, sleeping in on Sunday is just as important on the left bank of the Rhône River as on the right! Already a fan of pleasant gourmet brunches at Tiffany Hotel? Then widen the range of possibilities and enjoy a new delicious experience. Starting from January 19, 2014, brunch is coming to the Eastwest Hotel every Sunday from 11am to 2:30pm!

Of course, we are changing sides of the river and the décor is much more contemporary; however, you will enjoy the same warm welcome and quality found at the Tiffany! Take time to enjoy the luxury of a relaxing weekend and share a special moment with friends in an intimate and relaxing atmosphere.

Brunch at the Eastwest includes a buffet with a selection of made-to-order dishes and beverages (fruit juice, water, coffee, and tea). How can you resist warm delicious pancakes, traditional French toast, crispy lemon tartlets, and other sweet temptations? Or will you fall in love with our delectable bruschetta and risotto?
Set brunch [email protected] for CHF 43—per person.