Les Pâquis – Geneva’s global village

While the United Nations and other international organizations debate on global issues, Geneva’s lively Paquis district, only a few blocks away, offers a lesser-known yet colourful multicultural view of the world.
The word pâquis comes from the Latin pascuum, meaning “pasture.” The cows that grazed here are long gone and the area has transformed into a bustling web of streets lined with hipster boutiques, ethnic restaurants, lively bistros and nightclubs.

The Paquis is Geneva’s most eclectic neighborhood, a melting pot of cultures reflected in the many specialty food shops and restaurants that are sure to delight foodies. Options include Japanese sushi, Moroccan Tagine, Spanish tapas, Indian curry, American burgers and more, as well as several restaurants serving fusion cuisine.

Locals also come here to browse the quirky boutiques and vintage shops selling anything from clothing and jewelry made by local designers, books, bicycles, antiques and oriental rugs to furniture.

For top-notch jazz, check out the AMR local music center which hosts some of the best jazz bands and musicians nightly.

A walk through the Paquis wouldn’t be quite complete without a stop at the Bains des Pâquis. Offering spectacular views of the lake, the old town and the Alps, it’s also where you should head to mingle with the locals, for an early morning concert or a refreshing dip in summer, a warming sauna in winter and one of the best fondues in town all year round!