Peter Gabriel in Geneva!

Peter Gabriel is on the front line of all different kinds of music, whether it be pop, rock, or world! For over 30 years, he has been making the world dance with exciting grooves, mixed syncopated rhythms and powerful unique arrangements! Don’t miss him on October 8th at the Arena of Geneva for his only day in Switzerland. Fans at the Eastwest Hotel can’t wait!
Yes, he was a member of Genesis; however, it was only after 1975 and leaving the pop group that his career started to take off! Originally inspired by soul and folk music, Peter Gabriel has since then been crowned as the king of world music.
So! Since the creation of Real Word Records, a world music label, the British author/composer/interpreter continues to launch and encourage talented artists around the world without ever forgetting to follow his dream of making pop, soul, and folk music. For this new tour, he will take his new successful album “So!” from the top.