Penthes Bound

Mansard roofs, high ivy-covered walls, gardens in which you will love getting lost. Spring is buzzing in Geneva and its gentle breeze may just push you all the way to the charming Château de Penthes, located approximately 15 minutes from the Eastwest Hotel. Until May 3rd, a host with a tuft of hair and knickers awaits you. Yes, it’s Tintin, reporter and adventurer.
No, you’re not at Marlinspike Hall, but rather at the Château de Penthes, the former estate of the French Empress Joséphine de Beauharnais. Here, you will find the amazing Museum of the Swiss Abroad, offering visitors an insight into the history of the connections between Switzerland and the rest of the world through a series of artistic works and fictional characters.
Penthes Bound! Team members of the Eastwest Hotel, who are also dedicated to marvel and elegance, could not help giving this place an adventurous nod! Tintin will be here to welcome you until May 3rd. Through theatrics, hodgepodges and parodies, he will not only tell you about his connections with Switzerland but also give you his comic version of the story. A family exhibit in a magical setting.