The Sun, the Vine, You…

Run and catch the sun with the wind in your hair. Or count the rows of vines in the valley to find out when to stop and have a private picnic in a hollow way. Yes, this incredible getaway by electric bike in the Genevan vineyards has an irresistible charm. The team at Eastwest invites you to come and enjoy the “wine tours” this summer!

It’s true. The Eastwest hotel has the perfect location for enjoying cultural and artistic activities in the heart of the Swiss city. And yet, who would have thought that the Genevan backcountry could also reveal so many beautiful places and landscapes of infinite elegance and poetic charm?
A romantic and gourmet moment. Indulge in a romantic escapade by electric bike. The wine tours will lead you to the authentic rural region of Mandement, where you will quickly discover the traditional rhythms of the vines. While experiencing a warm welcome into our cellars, you will be overwhelmed by the names of our wines to be enjoyed during an evening on the patio of the Eastwest hotel.