The Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva

Inventions that are outrageous, useful or just fun. Inventors who are bashful, boastful or exuberant. Thousands of patent-holders and talent-finders. You’ll see it all at the Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, one of the largest in the world! Come explore the next big technological revolutions and book your room at the Eastwest Hotel from April 10 to 14.

They come from 45 different countries and will present more than 1,000 inventions unheard of until now, in every possible discipline! Companies, inventors, universities, private and government institutions—all in all, more than 700 exhibitors each convinced they have found the philosopher’s stone of the 21st century!

Chic, central and easy. Will you be among the 60,000 anticipated visitors? When you stay at the Eastwest Hotel, you’ll have a chic secret refuge where you can relax after the crowds and the bustling activity of the show. The soothing contemporary décor and central location make it easy to enjoy the heart of Geneva!