La Tempura, an Eastwest recipe!

If you know the restaurant of the Eastwest, you may be used to the gourmet and travelling menu made by our chef Alban Mestre. If not, you can satisfy your gourmet imagination with this Japanese Tempura recipe.

For 4 persons. Use 4 mini carrots, 4 asparagus, 4 mini turnips, 4 red radish, 4 large prawns, 200g of squid, 100g crab meat, 160g flour, 1 bunch of chives, 125g of milk, 1 shallot, 1 onion, 1 clove of garlic, 8g baking powder, 1/2 bunch of spring onion, 10 cl of soy sauce, 1 lemon, 1 tomato , 10 cl of sweet chilli sauce, 20g of sugar, 10 cl of olive oil, 50g of flour for Tempura, salt, pepper, Espelette pepper, ½ bunch of coriander,10g of ginger.

Preparation. Peel and cook the vegetables in hot salty water and let them cool off. Shell the large prawns, clean the squid and cut these in slices of half a centimetre each.

To make the crab akkras: Mix the flour with the milk, add the sliced onion, the chopped ½ bunch of spring onion, half of the chopped bunch of chives and the chopped garlic. Then add the crab meat, season it with salt, pepper and Espelette pepper and keep cool.

Then, boil 5cl of water and add the sugar, cut the lemon in thin slices, add it to the syrup and let it crystallize for 3 hours on a low flame. Once the lemon is crystallized, drain it and cut it. Cut the tomato in small cubes, add the rest of the chives, the crystallized bits of lemon and the olive oil. Chop the shallot, the coriander and the ginger and put all these ingredients in the soy sauce.

When serving: Mix the Tempura flour with a bit of water, dip the vegetables, the large prawns and the squid in the mixture and cook in a deep fryer until you get a light golden colour, then drain on an absorbing paper. With a spoon, make small balls with the akkra machine and also cook in a deep fryer.

Put the sweet chilli sauce, the soy sauce and the lemon sauce in 3 little ramekins and put the vegetables and shellfish in a large ramekin to add more volume to the dish.