A fine art extravaganza, all the design you can ask for and all the hottest trends in contemporary art—that’s what you’ll find at Geneva’s Palexpo from January 31 to February 3. And what better place to stay than the Eastwest Hotel with its luxurious comfort and hip, bohemian vibe?

You enter. Behind the spare, stately façade of this historical building, the contemporary décor of Marc Hertrich and Nicolas Adnet pops. Part Asian inspiration, part luxury chalet, the Eastwest Hotel invites you to take advantage of Geneva and explore January’s most artful expo during your stay!

ArtGenève! At this second international art show, ArtGenève immerses you in Geneva’s art scene. With dozens of gallery exhibitors as well as representatives from the great institutions of Swiss art, precious objects, paintings, sculptures and design are presented in a refined yet accessible atmosphere!