The mystery of the tattooed Geisha

What can a detail reveal about an atmosphere? Reflecting the discreet luxury and the traveling spirit of the Eastwest hotel, the photo of a mysterious geisha * told by the owner, Anne-Marie Morrongiello. Like a conversation.

Why this photo? I was first attracted by the mystery of what appears to be a geisha seen from behind. It’s an enigmatic visual that gives out a powerful energy enhanced by the remarkable brilliance of colors. Beyond this initial magnetism, the ambivalence of the staging is puzzling: the opulent shape of the geisha, the tattoo on her shoulder and the curtain tieback in her hair. The photographer Jacques Bosser clearly plays with the unexpected.

Where can you see her? The photo is hung on the wall just opposite the entrance of the bar. Another smaller photo, signed by the same artist and representing a geisha gagged with a golden cord, faces it, nearby the fireplace.

Does she attract attention? Guests who appreciate the contemporary charm and nomadic spirit of the hotel are very sensitive to the fact that each object, each work has been chosen with great attention to detail. They are all instant favorites, bringing Western and Eastern cultures together!

* To find out more about the work and the artist: This photo by Jacques Bosser is part of a series staging Sue Tilley, muse of the English painter Lucian Freud, in a set of costumes borrowed from the traditional Japanese Kabuki theater. Guests can browse through the book showing the entire series BTK (Bosser, Tilley, Kabuki) in the hotel library.