Meet me at the Uptown Geneva!

When you stay at the Eastwest Hotel, you’re not only in a luxe boutique hotel just steps from the city’s famous fountain, you are also quite close to the lively cultural center of the city. You especially won’t want to miss the new entertainment complex, the Uptown Geneva, flush with opportunities to catch concerts, plays and dinner theater performances!

Lately the buzz at the Eastwest Hotel has been all about the Uptown Geneva. The vast entertainment complex is perfectly situated right in the center of the city, less than a five-minute walk from your hotel. Get in on the excitement!
Now playing. With three halls for hosting concerts, conferences and theatrical performances, as well as a bar and lounge, look no further to fill your Geneva nights! The spring lineup is enticing, featuring Le coach, a comedy of errors playing in April, famous comedian Denis Maréchal and the much-loved Ils s’aiment by Pierre Palmade and Michèle Laroque. Pick one—or see them all!